A-Jax Follows the Boy Scout Guidelines in Teaser for “Snake”

Boy group A-Jax released their second video teaser for their upcoming single, “Snake,” through the official Loen Entertainment YouTube channel.

While the first video teaser focused more on their label mate Go Woo Ri of Rainbow, the second teaser focuses on the A-Jax boy scouts. If Go Woo Ri is the mysterious snake lady, then the A-Jax members are innocent and overly-eager boy scouts who are ready to put their training in action. The video teaser shows A-Jax finding an unconscious Woo Ri on the ground, and taking the necessary steps outlined in their boy scouts manual to revive her, even if it means mouth to mouth resuscitation or hand to chest touching. 

In related news, it had been previously reported that member Sung Min would not be able to participate in “Snake” promotions because of his injury.