Yoon Se Yoon Is a Suffering Boyfriend in 3rd and 4th Teasers for “Kkattokk”

Full-time comedian and part-time singer Yoon Se Yoon of the duo UV released the third and fourth video teasers for his upcoming single “Kkattokk” featuring Lim Bo Ram through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

“Kkattokk” is Yoon Se Yoon’s second digital single and is about a boyfriend’s frustration over his girlfriend’s excessive use of the popular instant messaging program “Kakao Talk.” All the teasers make comedic uses of the slow motion camera. In the third teaser, Yoon Se Yoon gets slapped in the face by his girlfriend and then responds back with a blurred out finger gesture. In the fourth teaser, Yoon Se Yoon is hit once again, this time in slow motion by a fluffy feather filled pillow. However, the end of the teaser shows Yoon Se Yoon happily embracing his girlfriend.

“Kkattokk” is already available on online music stores.