Ga In Makes a Surprise Appearance in Taiwanese Singer Show Luo’s Newest MV ‘Fantasy’

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In recently made a surprise appearance in the Taiwanese Pop star Show Luo‘s newest MV, “Fantasy” (Ai Tou Luo Wang)!

Show Luo, who is a veteran singer, dancer, and TV host in the Taiwanese entertainment industry, is known by Taiwan media as “Asia’s Dance King.” The singer is also known for his variety skills on 100% Entertainment, a show that K-Pop stars such as Super Junior M and SHINee often frequent when in Taiwan. 

Recently, Show released his tenth album, “Lions Roar,” coming back with title track “Fantasy,” in which Ga In makes a guest appearance. In the music video, Ga In spots an animal print minidress and her iconic smokey eye makeup, drawing attention for her intimate scenes with Show.

It’s nice to see a cultural bridge emerge between Taiwan and Korea, which may lead to more collaborations in the future. Check out the music video below, and let us know what you think!