Kim Heechul on SM Entertainment and Becoming a Web Cartoonist (Interview Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

We were especially curious about why Kim Heechul (of Super Junior) would choose to return via a cable program instead of on a terrestrial broadcasting network’s show. It might be a sensitive issue, but it’s said that working alongside Kim Gura and Kang Yong Suk could be ‘poison’ for an idol.

His previous comments about SM Entertainment have been hot issues and raised several controversies.

“That the program sent me a love call indicates that they think highly enough of me. I haven’t shown myself to be very knowledgeable on shows previously. I wanted an adventure.”

“Even Kim Gura worried about me, saying ‘You might end up losing more than gaining anything from doing this show’.” Heechul showed his ambition, expressing that, “Hearing these words made me all the more convinced to do the show.”

“When I go to program recordings, my manager writes down everything that I say, while worrying about what will come out from my mouth. It may be nitpicking, but I don’t make up stuff to say. Everyone knows that. The company should have been prepared for this when they decided to let me appear on that program.”

Kim Heechul has been practicing, hoping to join in Super Junior’s world tour “Super Show 5” this month. It is a fact that prior to enlistment, Heechul was more active on variety programs and acting, as compared to his other career as a singer. One wonders whether his thoughts on music activities have changed.

“I had many parts in Super Junior’s first album. But if I were to sing more parts of the song, then the members who are good at singing wouldn’t be able to show their skills as much. Expressing my greed for music in Super Junior is difficult when there are members who sing well such as Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung.”

Kim Heechul

He added, “Personally, I do, of course, have greed in making music. I definitely want to try being a part of a rock band,” “TRAX’s Jungmo is in training camp, but he makes the songs, and I write the lyrics.”

Kim Heechul has recently taken up a new challenge.

He has currently started working on a webtoonZzinpang Family” on SM Entertainment’s homepage with famous webtoonist keean84, known for his webtoons, “No Byung Ga,” and “Fashion King.” SM Entertainment and Heechul are making their foray into the cartoon character business with “Zzinpang Family.”

“The reason that celebrity businesses fail is that they are overconfident. It is hard to give full attention to your business while being busy with celebrity activities, yet they think ‘I can do it’ and so they end up making mistakes. For me, business does not come before my activities as a entertainer, which as why I am doing this (webtoon) with SM Entertainment.”

When asked it was possible for him to finish the webtoon amidst his busy schedule, Heechul, being Heechul, replied wittily, “We have it all planned so that the webtoon won’t be discontinued because of keean 84 going over the deadline and Kim Heechul having sudden mood swings.”

“When I was first discharged, I wanted to return to my activities immediately. I’ve been away for two years, and I wanted to quickly return to the entertainment scene. But Lee Soo Man said to me, ‘There’s nothing stopping you now. You don’t have to hurry, take it slow.’ I don’t know if I’m taking it too easy, but I’m planning on warming up for now.”

Kim Heechul

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