Fiestar Reveals Their Last “A-Ha!” Korean Slang Lesson Video

Multilingual beauties of girl group Fiestar are here again to teach you a fun Korean slang word! 

In this episode, members Jei, Cheska, and Cao Lu explain you the meaning behind “kkuljaem,” a very popular expression among young Koreans these days. “Kkul” means honey, and it is often attached to other words to form new meanings, such as “honey thighs” and “honey skin.” The lovely ladies will clarify the reason for the use of this specific word as well.

Sadly, this “A-Ha!” marks the end of the popular series. But as the fans already know, Fiestar is coming back on November 1 with a new song, so rest assured. The girls will be greeting you soon with their second single.

Check out the cute but informative video with English and Japanese subtitles below!