Shin Seung Hun Sits Down with Loen TV to Discuss His Singing Career

Legendary ballad singer Shin Seung Hun has revealed his honest thoughts on his long and successful music career.

Loen TV asked the artist to participate in their “CSI (Comeback Special Interview)” series, as he recently returned to the music scene after four years of absence by releasing a special album titled “Great Wave.” The title track “Sorry” topped the music charts immediately after its release, confirming that Shin Seung Hun has not lost his place in the hearts of Korean people. 

In the video, he discusses his achievements, concerts, and singing career as a whole. The singer also shares what he thinks of the names people call him such as ”The King of Ballads” and ”The Legend,” and what his dedicated fans, some of who have stuck around since his debut 23 years ago, mean to him. 

Watch the clip with English and Japanese subtitles below!