5 Theories from “The Heirs” – Episodes 5 and 6

This week’s episodes were kind of heavy with the story lines with Tanny (Yes, he’s Tanny) coming back and finally seeing his old friend Young Do face to face. This week was pretty intense though I feel like it’ll only get worse in the coming weeks. We’ve had some things come to light and then had hints of others, and we saw some softer sides of a few colder characters. This week, I’ll try to come up with some theories to five moments. Remember these are only theories and can change according to what actually happens in the drama. 

1. Daddy Kim and His Scholarships

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By now you have probably watched this week’s episodes and know about Daddy Kim and his scholarship fund, by that I mean him helping with Eun Sang’s transfer to Empire High School. From the surface it can seem like a very nice gesture, but if you look deeper into it then there is much more to this than it seems. We heard from Hyun Joo (Won’s girlfriend? Not girlfriend? First love?) that she is finally making money on her own after being supported by the Kim family for a while. So did she receive a “scholarship” to go study? Me thinks Daddy Kim is working to make sure these girls don’t come near his sons. So now do we have a snobby, rich daddy to deal with instead of the usual evil mother? Don’t be so quick to write him off as evil, well at least right now. What if Daddy Kim is testing them? Hyun Joo and Eun Sang aren’t rich, but do you remember that Won’s mother was the first wife? Apparently the pressures of being the wife of a CEO got too great and she left. Perhaps he was too scarred from this and is trying to prevent his sons from going through the same thing. This isn’t definite, but it is a theory that can be respectfully refuted if need be. 

2. What Did Happen Between Tan and Bo Na?


Tan and Bo Na date. Tan and Bo Na breakup. Bo Na is hurt and angry over it while it seems Tan couldn’t care less. What happened between these two? Character description says that Tan never loved her and since then she’s been angry and hurt over it, but Chan Young comes along and heals her heartbreak. Every time his name is mentioned, Bo Na’s mood changes and she pretends not to know who he is (in front of Channy), though we all know he knows. Since Tanny returned, Bo Na has been trying her hardest to avoid him, even going as far as feigning a phone call when she sees him talking to Chan Young. He seems okay, but she’s clearly upset (although he’s so hot). A scene in Episode 5 shows us that he still has a book she gave him and even smiles at it. So did Tan love her and keep his feelings hidden? I believe he did care, but at that time he was a hardcore bully and didn’t show his feelings. As he said, he set the hierarchy rules at Empire High and now Young Do has taken over. So maybe she’s trying to avoid her beloved from getting beat up because Tan was a jerk and all. From what I can see, all she needs is closure and for him to tell her how he felt during their relationship.

3. Secretary Yoon and Esther Lee…Reigniting Old Flames?


We knew that Chan Young’s dad and Rachel’s mother have history, but OH MY GOODNESS! Did you catch that random kiss attack by the normally calm Secretary Yoon, okay his name is Yoon Jae Hoo. I rooted for him when he gave the cold shoulder to Esther last week in the elevator, but this time he just went in for it all. Granted her fiancee/business partner whatever you want to call him was just being jerky (as always) then he stepped away to talk to his son. Esther used this as an excuse to get up and apologize for Jerky CEO’s words and then he apologized as well before kissing her. I knew he still had feelings for her – maybe that’s why he doesn’t date even with his son telling him to do so, you know since he has a girlfriend and all. After said kiss, she asks him why he didn’t call her. Hmm, was she thinking that they’d get back together or be secret lovers? I don’t know, it’s very hard to read her because she usually doesn’t let her feelings show. I am very curious about this former couple, will they get back together?

4. Tan’s Former Dark Side


We have established that Tan was a bully and an extremely mean one at that. Once upon a time he ruled the school and was the king instead of Young Do. They were actually friends and ran the hallways together, then one fateful day Young Do discovered Tan’s secret and they weren’t buddies anymore. Talking to Eun Sang, Tan tells her that he made up the rules back then so now it’s just like that. Now that he’s back, will we get to see his darker side and see the person Bo Na used to date? I think we will as we see him struggle within himself for a right solution. Now I’m not saying that we will see him full out bully people, but there’s a high chance that I think we will see his very mean side. 

5. Chan Young and Bo Na: How Strong Are They?


So far we’ve seen the very cute scenes from them, but this week some viewers have noticed little bits that may indicate that he’s not that confident in his own financial situation compared to his girlfriend’s. Maybe we’re looking too deep into it, but Jae Hoo told Tan that Chan Young is jealous of him because Daddy Kim is his father. Maybe he wishes he had a little bit more money, but it obviously doesn’t matter to her or else she wouldn’t be with him. At first some thought that he was unsure due to her past with Tan, but judging from his conversation in Episode 6 we know that Channy is confident that his Bo Na doesn’t have any residual feelings for her ex. He stood confident in front of Tan when he mentioned that maybe Bo Na still has feelings for him – Chan Young said why would she have regrets over a beat-up car. So I don’t think he has any insecurity issues going on. 

BONUS! What Was the Name of That Song? Lie?


Episode 5: Myung Soo informs Bo Na that Tan is back and wishes luck to Chan Young. She is very bad at masking her feelings (but it’s so like a teenager) and lies that she was thinking of a song and begins to walk away looking for Rachel. Behind her, Chan Young is trying to “help” her figure out the song by naming random K-Pop songs that are titled “Lie.” Big Bang’s “Lie”, T-ara’s “Lie”, or g.o.d’s “Lie”?

Who was the closest to our question last week? There were many who were close, it was hard to choose just one. Here’s sophie0634‘s comment: “I would think that Tan will let Eun Sang know that they’ve met again and that he’s the 2nd son (she already knows how wealthy he is and that he has issues with his older brother). Eun Sang will probably insist on him not acknowledging that they met in CA, especially now that she’s seen his crazy family in action and how badly her mother is treated by Tan’s mother, and will tell Tan either he goes along with what she wants or she’ll bail to someplace where he can’t find her. And I’ll bet that when they’re all in school together she won’t want anyone to know that she and Tan live in the same home.”

We need your theories this week. What do you think happened between Chan Young’s dad (Secretary Yoon) and Rachel’s mother (Esther Lee)? Best answer will be posted in next week. Don’t forget to come visit us at the Official Soompi “The Heirs” Thread