Dancing Queen Kahi Takes You Behind the Scenes of MV “It’s ME”

Dancing queen Kahi takes us behind the scenes of her new music video “It’s ME,” and shows us how to stroll around Barcelona like the coolest girl in the world.

The fashionable entertainer appears with her eye-catching blonde hairdo and sophisticated style as she films her music video in beautiful Spain. Her mature and edgy style fits well with the classical and urban landscape. 

Even though Kahi is busy shooting her music video, she still makes time to greet her fans. In the video, we see Kahi talk with a group of teenage fans and take photos with them. She also gives an exclusive solo dance performance in a stylish red suit and flashes her signature smile as she jokes around with the camera crew.

Kahi’s new electronic dance single “It’s ME” comes from her 2nd mini album “Who are you?” and features L.A. rapper Dumbfoundead.