T-ara’s Eunjung Reveals a Special Relationship with Jo Sung Mo

T-ara’s Eunjung recently revealed a special relationship with singer Jo Sung Mo.

Eunjung appeared on the October 26 Jo Sung Mo episode of “Hidden Singer 2” and said, “If Jo Sung Mo hadn’t succeeded, T-ara would not have existed.”

She explained, “The CEO of the agency that debuted Jo Sung Mo created our team [T-ara] with the money from Jo Sung Mo’s success. Our CEO still misses Jo Sung Mo, and once even cried on a radio program because of it.”

Jo Sung Mo’s past encounter with composer/producer Joo Young Hoon was also revealed. Joo Young Hoon said, “Before his debut, I actually eliminated Jo Sung Mo from an audition for a dance idol group. If he had debuted then, there would have been some weird idol group, so I think it all turned out for the best.” 

Jo Sung Mo’s episode of “Hidden Singer 2,” which attracted the most people in the preliminaries, will air at 11pm on October 26.