Dal Shabet Performs Without Injured Member Jiyul

Dal Shabet’s Jiyul suffered an ankle injury.

On October 26, six member group Dal Shabet performed on the WAPOP, World & Asia + WOW POP, stage with only five members.

In regards to the sudden absence of member Jiyul, Dal Shabet’s agency commented, “On October 24, Jiyul lost her footing on the stairs and suffered an injury to her right ankle,” and revealed, “For the time being, we will concentrate on her treatment.”

Trying to update fans, Jiyul posted a message on her Twitter stating, “The best time to massage a swollen leg is during the time when the car is moving,” and posted a photo of her injured leg. Although disappointed with her injury, the singer’s updates conveyed a care and closeness for her worried fans.

jiyul leg

Until Jiyul’s full recovery, Dal Shabet plans to be active as a five member group. Since the beginning of October, Dal Shabet has performed in WAPOP concerts ever Saturday at Dom Art Hall.

We wish you a speedy recovery, Jiyul!