T.O.P Says Co-Star Kim Yoo Jung Makes Him Act Cute

Big Bang member T.O.P recently appeared on the October 26 episode of “Connection, Movie World” with his co-stars from “The Commitment,” Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Jae Moon.

The host asked Kim Yoo Jung why she picked T.O.P as her ideal man, to which she responded, “Strictly speaking, I don’t have an ‘ideal man’. But it’s not like I don’t like Choi Seung Hyun [T.O.P], either.”

When T.O.P was asked about working with Kim Yoo Jung, he said, “Our maturity level is similar, and we’re like friends. She actually has a sort of charisma that makes me act cute around her.” He then briefly demonstrated how he ‘acts cute,’ drawing a lot of reactions from netizens about how he and Kim Yoo Jung look really good and cute together.

T.O.P’s new movie, “The Commitment,” will premiere on November 6.

Check out this spot on “The Commitment” that aired during a previous episode of “Connection, Movie World.”