Comedian Kim Young Hee Responds to Netizen Criticisms About Not Wearing Makeup

On October 25, comedian Kim Young Hee posted on her Facebook, “There are people who are criticizing me about not wearing makeup when on ‘The Human Condition.’ I only had one other schedule and I usually don’t wear makeup anyway, because I’m not good at it.”

She continued, “I was at home without any other schedule, so I thought it wasn’t real to have makeup on. Why do you only want to see pretty things? It’s not fun. If you criticize me about not being funny, I’ll gladly accept it, but for other things, as I am only human, it makes me kind of mad.”

Netizens who saw this post expressed their support for the comedian and her show.

Kim Young Hee is currently appearing on KBS’s “The Human Condition” on the female comedian special, spending 4 nights and 5 days without cell phones with fellow comedians Kim Sook, Kim Shin Young, Kim Ji Min, Park So Young, and Shin Bo Ra.

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