BEAST’s Yoseob Receives Unwanted Gifts from Noh Hong Chul

On the episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone” which aired on October 25, Noh Hong Chul took BEAST’s Yang Yoseob to his favorite interior shop.

Yoseob let out a scream as the scalp massager Noh Hong Chul placed on his head tickled him. He shut his eyes tightly with a smile on his face giving viewers a laugh.

Moreover, as if he owned the store, Noh Hong Chul recommended many things for purchase to Yoseob, but he did not seem interested in the things at the store.Noh Hong Chul also gave a mini chair to Yoseob. However, during the interview Yoseob confessed the store was filled with useless things and that the chair he received was uncomfortable.

The episode also includes Noh Hong Chul visiting Yoseob’s house and placing a sticker in the bathroom toilet for men to aim while urinating.

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