Jay Park Introduces New Artist Gray and Their Agency AOMG

Jay Park recently launched his own independent hip hop label called AOMG. Not too long after the launching, the agency debuted their first artist, Gray, with his first mini album “Call Me Gray.” Jay Park gave a short introduction of the new artist and his agency in a video through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

In the video Jay Park introduced AOMG, which stands for “Above Ordinary Music Group,” as an agency that will not produce idols like the other agencies, but focus on promoting r&b and hip hop. Because of that, he felt that underground artist and music producer Gray would be excellent candidate for AOMG’s first artist. He praised Gray as a multi-talented artist. He also mentions that even though he is featured in the main track “Dangerous,” his personal favorite song in the mini album is “Dreamcatcher” featuring Dok2 and Crush. Lastly, he asks the viewers to support and short interest in Gray .