[Recap] Let Me Show You the Way – We Got Married 10.26.13

This week on “We Got Married,” Son Na Eun makes Taemin properly show his penance, Jung Yoo Mi teaches Jung Joon Young how to act, and Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon walk the red carpet together.

Let me show you the way – This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

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So last week I was mad at Taemin for his silly game of trying to make Son Na Eun cry. I half expected many people to be mad at me, but for the most part most people seem to agree with me. Before the episode started I was feeling quite wary. I remembered thinking that Na Eun forgave Taemint too quickly towards the end, and I felt very dissatisfied. However, by the end their segment I felt much better and was back to cooing over Taemin again.

They continue their date, except now Taemin has to earn Na Eun’s forgiveness. Everytime he does something right, he gets a stamp of approval (a literal one) from Na Eun. When he gets ten stamps, she would have forgiven completely. They decide to take advantage of their gorgeous location and take photos for a photo contest. It’s not really about taking pictures though, it’s about Taemin showing how sorry he is for making her cry.

Several times Na Eun pushes Taemin away whenever he gets too close, and she even makes him kneel down in a punishment pose for a picture. She’s pretty stingy about the stamps until she accidentally tangles up their cup phones. Taemin quickly goes over to Na Eun and painstakingly take it apart. This takes some time and Na Eun is impressed because she knows Taemin isn’t the type to sit there patiently. She promises him that she will give him all the stamps if he finishes.

When he does manage to untangle it, he tells her through the paper phone that he’s sorry and that he will never do something like that again. Satisfied, Na Eun lets him come over to receive his stamp. That’s when she tells him with a grin that she lied, and she was wasn’t going to give him all ten stamps. It was at this moment I felt better about the whole thing. Before, Na Eun was just acting too nice and lenient. It was good to see her take a bit of revenge on Taemin.


They take more photos, including one trick photo where it looks like the two are about to kiss. Na Eun makes Taemin work up a sweat writing out L.O.V.E with his body. Just when he’s out of breath, she tells him that she wants to do a photo collage too. She is going to sit at the back of the miniature train (?) while he runs behind her to take the picture. After that she’ll give him one of his wishes.

At first it’s pretty easy, but Na Eun is not satisfied with the photo and makes him run again. This time the train speeds up and at one point Taemin is sprinting behind her, unable to take a photo. He finally takes a good photo, and tell Na Eun that his wish is that she tells people she loves her husband. Na Eun, at first, is too shy and frightened. She timidly calls out to people, “this is my husband!” However, she does get more bold and surprises Taemin. Taemin on his part, screams out “I love you Na Eun!” Later he, he realizes that that moment was the first time he said “I love you” to Na Eun on camera?

Wait, what? Does that mean he’s said it to her off camera?


Taemin received all his stamps and so he’s forgiven! Now it’s time for Na Eun to get wish, and she asks that Taemin piggyback her as they order coffee. It’s a little uncreative, but I’ll let it pass. As Na Eun said, “You suffered a lot, so suffer a little more.”

In the cafe they go over the photos and Taemin apologizes again. He said he has learned his lesson and won’t ever do that again. So, can they go back to holding hands now? Na Eun resists a little, but not much, and it looks like the couple is back to being obsessed with holding hands.

The TaeEun fisco ended well. It seems that Na Eun will meet the rest of the SHINee members again. Yay.


A few weeks ago Jung Joon Young made his solo debut and released the music video for “The Sense of Ending” (also know as “10 Minutes Before Break Up”). I was pleasantly surprised to find out that his wife Jung Yoo Mi makes an appearance in the video as his romantic partner. Now we get to see what happened behind the scenes to the serious music video.

Yoo Mi has wrapped up her drama so now she is unemployed. Joon Young hires her for his music video, but he wants to get his money’s worth. He shouldn’t be worried about her too much; Yoo Mi is a professional actress. It’s Joon Young who has problems. They are supposed to film a climactic scene where he sees Yoo Mi and screams out in pain, but with every take it is incredibly awkward. Yoo Mi tries to give him some acting tips, but Joon Young is too distracted to take her seriously.

There was something I wanted to mention a few episodes back, but I wasn’t sure of it enough to write it. Now I am sure. Joon Young acts like the main character of a romance manga/anime. He’ll do something comical and ridiculous, and then when the girl least expects it, he does something very cool and caring. When the two are talking on the walkie talkie, they mostly bicker and complain. Right when she’s about to walk away feeling annoyed, he says, “Wait…good job today” and changes her mood. Where does he get that timing and power?


They continue filming, except this time inside. Now they have to act like a lovey dovey couple but it’s hard. It’s awkward and everyone can sense it. Before they start filming a scene the couple tries to make each other jealous by boasting that they had kiss scenes before. Then Yoo Mi remarks that his music video director is quite pretty (and she is!) and that the two had some skinship even though it’s against their couple rules. Joon Young doesn’t realize until later that she was actually jealous and has a good time laughing about it.

Joon Young doesn’t have much to laugh about when he monitors the filming. He has odd facial expressions and instead of looking like he’s madly in love, he looks like he’s drugged up.

In conclusion, the filming of the music video was as awkward and funny as I expected it would be. I was not disappointed.


After acting like a loving couple, the two go back to being themselves. Joon Young announces he has more work for her to do, and Yoo Mi decides that she really needs to find more projects. They go back to squabbling and Joon Young finds himself begging for forgiveness on his knees as Yoo Mi laughs.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of that.

I’m so nice. Here is the music video. Now you don’t have to leave the page. You’re welcome.


Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon were invited to attend the Busan International Film Festival. Before they walk the red carpet, they walk down the sandy beaches of Busan. They dip their toes in the cold ocean water, and Yoon Han mischievously splashes his wife with some ocean water. Has anyone else noticed that Yoon Han gets a glint in his eyes before he does something mischievous or romantic?

They sit down on the sand and Yoon Han writes a message to So Yeon. “Do you like me?” It’s childish, but Yoon Han argues that So Yeon is still shy and needs to take baby steps in revealing her feelings for him. So Yeon shyly writes down “Yup” and then asks the same question. Yoon Han, of course, can’t just write “Yes” in the sand. He has to get up and make the biggest heart he can.

When they walk back to their hotel, Yoon Han looks over (with that glint in his eyes) and carefully take her hand. He asks her, “How do like to hold hands? This is important since we’re going to be doing that a lot now.” So Yeon is too flustered to give an answer, but the two intertwine their fingers. In the interview So Yeon blushes and asks “Is it weird that a 32 year old woman gets nervous just holding hands?”


In the hotel the couple gets glammed up for the red carpet. Yoon Han is ready first in a sharp black tux with a cute bow tie. So Yeon needs more time to get ready, but she tells Yoon Han that he looks good in suit. He does, he really does. When she’s almost done with her makeup, she asks him to pick out her dress. He picks out a bright pink number and changes into a more unique tux for himself.

When So Yeon is done getting fixed up, Yoon Han eyes widen and he tells her she looks very pretty. He’s always telling her that she looks pretty but she seems to agree with him on this one (in a shy kind of way).

Before the two head off to the red carpet, So Yeon gives Yoon Han some tips on handling the photographers. Yoon Han admits he’s not used to it, and is quite nervous.


Poor Yoon Han was so nervous during the red carpet that he practically dragged So Yeon down it. In the interview he admits that he was so nervous that he doesn’t even remember it.

At the dinner after, So Yeon mentions that her actor friends all complimented the two. They look over their photos that are already trending on Korean sites.

Now that Yoon Han is more comfortable, he openly tells her that he wants to have a wedding with her. He’s so serious and So Yeon is so shy, I became confused. They sounded like they were really getting married. They decide to hold a wedding soon, and keep it simple with a few important people.

At the end, Yoon Han asks So Yeon to be more honest about her feelings and to tell him when she likes or doesn’t like something. So Yeon acknowledges that she doesn’t show her feelings well (sound like someone else we know?) and promises to try.

Looks like next episode, they will have their wedding with a few famous actors as the wedding guests.

 That’s all for this recap! How do you think SHINee will react to Taemin making Na Eun cry? Did you enjoy the Jung couple’s music video? What kind of wedding will So Yeon and Yoon Han have? Leave a comment below and as always, talk to Noona! Follow her on Twitter

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