Block B and Former BoM Members Congratulate Song Min Ho on Team A’s “WIN”

The final battle of survival program “WHO IS NEXT: WIN” was held at the Olympic Park Handball Gymnasium on October 25. YG Entertainment’s quest for a new boy group culminated in Team A’s victory over Team B.

“WIN” Team A consists of Song Min Ho, Kim Jin Woo, Lee Seung Hoon, Nam Tae Hyun and Kang Seung Yoon. After Team A’s win was announced, the scene was filled with a sea of tears, with the members of both teams shedding tears for the intense rivalry and mutual support between each other. Amongst those who celebrated Team A’s win, Block B was the happiest.

On finding out about Team A’s victory, Block B’s Zico congratulated Song Min Ho, posting on Twitter, “Mino-ya. I’m proud of you. Thank you. Finally, your talent has been recognized.” Block B’s Park Kyung rejoiced as well, “Ah I got goose bumps. Congratulations Min Ho. From the bottom of my heart.”

Block B’s P.O, meanwhile, left the following message on his mini-homepage, “That’s it. Song Min Ho, this is the beginning. Congratulations, really. It seems like just a couple of days ago that two of us were sitting in a corner of my room rapping. My friend Song Min Ho, I’m proud of you. Sincerely, truly, congratulations.”

Block B celebrated Team A’s victory like it was their own because of Team A’s Song Min Ho. He had been friends with them from when they were trainees together before Block B’s debut. Block B had also made a surprise appearance on “WIN” on August 30 to cheer Song Min Ho on.

Song Min Ho had also previously been active with boy group BoM, using the stage name Tagoon. BoM was made up of Maeng Se Chang, Yua, Ji Soo and Tagoon. They debuted in July 2011 as a ballad group with a single album “Without You.”

BoM was disbanded in earlier in March this year. Maeng Se Chang, who had started out as a child actor, revealed his feelings about the group’s breakup on Twitter, bidding farewell to BoM’s fans. Maeng Se Chang has since moved on to another agency and is once again on the acting path.

BoM was there on the day of the final battle, supporting Song Min Ho from the seats reserved for family and friends. Maeng Se Chang uploaded a picture of the live WIN stage, along with a message to Min Ho, “Well done, Min Ho. Once the live broadcast is over, you’re going to cry again because you never thought I’d come and see you, did you? I know.”

The other BoM members Yua and Ji Soo, also posted on their Twitters, with the following messages, “Tagoon-sshi, I believed in you. Congratulations, you were pretty cool up there. I love you. Fighting, always,” “My precious dongsaeng Min Ho, and forever BoM’s rapper Tagoon-ah~ You must have been through a lot. Now you’re one step closer to fulfilling your dreams, you make me so proud. Love you always, our awesome Min Ho, fighting. Love you.”

 “WIN” was a reality survival program that took 11 YG trainees and split them into Teams A and B, pitting them against each other in fierce battles to produce YG’s newest boy group. The two teams fought it out in three battles that took place over 10 weeks. Team A emerged victorious on October 25 and will debut under the name “WINNER.” They will be the first new boy group coming out of YG after eight years.

Song Min Ho Gets Congratulated on Team A's Win
Song Min Ho Gets Congratulated on Team A's Win

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