BoA Wants to Prove She’s Not Terrible at Taking Selfies

Singer BoA decided to set a small goal for herself- this time to show that she can, in fact, take good selfies! Although, we’re not exactly sure who would tell the beautiful starlet otherwise! 

On October 24, BoA updated her Instagram with a new photo and the caption, “This is BoA, who has been teased for being unable to take a proper selfie. I’ll be making a better effort from now on.”

As always, BoA stuns with her beautiful facial features. Fans were quick to reassure her, “Wow, I don’t see any sign of wrinkles, not even up-close!” and “You really are stunning!” 

In related news, BoA has been participating on “Infinity Challenge” to help Gil prepare for the “Infinity Challenge Song Festival.”