G-Dragon Says He Doesn’t Plan On Leaving YG Entertainment

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon recently talked about his relationship with YG Entertainment.

On October 16, G-Dragon was interviewed as a guest on KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly.” Sometime during the interview, the reporter asked G-Dragon, “Will you stay with YG Entertainment forever?” He jokingly replied, “Well, yes because I’m still young” causing laughter on set. The reporter persisted, “Would you have any interest in working with JYP Entertainment?” G-Dragon replied, “I’m not going to sign under any other agency. YG is like family.” 

He also talked about his close relationship with YG Entertainment CEO, Yang Hyun Suk. “I’ve always met with him and continue to meet with him. Since we have a lot of things to talk about, we’ve naturally become close.” 


G-Dragon also explained in his interview why there were so many surveillance cameras at the YG Entertainment company building. The reporter observed, “I never knew there were going to be so many surveillance cameras in the building. Why do you guys have so many of them everywhere?” G-Dragon responded, “Since the building has so many rooms in it along with many artists and composers- the CEO had the cameras installed since locating and contacting each one of them individually was cumbersome.” He went on to add while laughing, “He’s always observing us. When you’re sleeping, he contacts you asking why you’re sleeping.”