IU Gets Caught in a Plagiarism Controversy With “Red Shoes”

Recently, IU has gotten caught in a plagiarism controversy concerning her new hit “Red Shoes” and the song by Nekta called “Here’s Us.”

 Singer IU’s agency, LOEN Entertainment, has released their official position denying the recent claims about the plagiarism of IU’s new hit “Red Shoes.” The composer of “Red Shoes,” Lee Min Soo, along with international music experts, analyzed the two songs, and explained that while the two songs may sound similar at parts, the chord progression is completely different.

 “Red Shoes” uses chords in the key of B flat minor, and “Here’s Us” is in the key of B flat major. Moreover, they explained more specifically that upon review of the chorus and first verse, key parts of the song, as well as the bridge in the latter half, including the overall composition and arrangement, the song was revealed as a completely different song.

 When asked if it is because of the plagiarism controversy that IU is ending her album promotion activities early, LOEN said, “Not only does she [IU] have a concert in November that she has to prepare for, and activities in Japan, she also has an upcoming drama called ‘Beautiful Man‘ that she will be shooting, so the early end to promotions was already planned.”

 However, there are still some netizens that claim the melodies of the two songs, both of the swing jazz genre, are too similar and that it is plagiarism. “Red Shoes” was written by Kim Yi Na, and composed by Lee Min Soo.

 In the end of their public statement, LOEN stated, “As a popular singer and an actor, IU will always do her best, and we appreciate all of your love and support. Thank you.”

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