Teen Top Shows Their Love for Their Pooches

Idol group Teen Top showed their love for their dogs through several photos from their group’s official Facebook page.

Kkangkkangie, Dust, and Jjoongie are the names of the adorable dogs that live with the members of Teen Top in their apartment. The dogs made an appearance in Teen Top’s “Real Self” version music video for “Lovefool,” and once again we can see the Teen Top members showing us how much they love their dogs.

In the pictures the members lounge around with their pets, sometimes giving them sweet kisses. In one photo set, member Niel is showing off the tricks that Kkangkkangie knows. In another photo, Changjo carefully holds tiny Jjoongie in his hands.

Teen Top recently released the repackaged album “Teen Top Class” and their new song “Lovefool.”

teentop_dogs1 teentop_dogs3