Entertainer Jung Won Gwan Gets Married to Girlfriend 17 Years His Junior

Jung Won Gwan, who is known for being a member of 1980-90’s legend group Sobangcha, recently expressed how thankful he is to his wife’s parents. 

On October 26, the entertainer held a press conference before the wedding ceremony held in Gwangrim Church in Gangnam, Seoul. When he was asked if the parents-in-law reacted negatively to the couple’s decision to get married, he showed his gratitude by replying, “I think my bride put a great deal of effort into my relationship with them. Even when I met her parents for the first time, they did not show any strong opposition. She probably worked hard to persuade them before the meeting. When I met my in-laws, their were open.”

The legendary singer also lovingly described his soon-to-be wife saying, “Usually you call someone beautiful, but I prefer to say that someone is good-looking. She is good-looking and extremely caring. If we felt the large age gap between us, getting married would have been a difficult decision, but she has been very understanding and supportive.”

The couple tied the knot on the same day of the press conference. His wife is 17 years his junior and is said to finish her graduate studies at Korea University soon. Singers Insooni and Kim Jo Han sang at the wedding to congratulate the newlyweds.

Congratulations to the couple!