IU’s Lack of Emotion on ”Inkigayo” Causes Concern

IU’s recent appearance on SBS’s “Inkigayo” has caught the attention of fans. During the October 27 broadcast, the female singer showed an image different from her usually bright self, causing the viewers to wonder if something was troubling her.

T-ara and IU were two of the three nominees for this week’s number one, and were given brief interviews by the MCs. The girls of T-ara smiled brightly and even sang a line of their song “No.9,” but the solo singer reacted in a rather emotionless manner. She simply asked the viewers to actively vote for her song “The Red Shoes” and flashed a quick smile. 

Being a previous “Inkigayo” MC herself, IU is known for her friendly and lively image. The sudden change in her demeanor left viewers wondering whether the recent plagiarism controversy was bothering IU. 

Take a look at the interview and share your thoughts below.