BESTie Releases Special Halloween Version of “Love Options” Dance Video

Four-member female girl group BESTie recently gave fans plenty of laughs by uploading a recorded video of their adorable and hilarious “Love Options” dance while wearing Halloween masks on their official YouTube channel. BESTie is currently signed under YNB Entertainment and is comprised of members UJi, Hyeyeon, Haeryung, and Dahye. The girls recently made their official debut earlier this year in July with “Pitapat.” 

The girls recently made their comeback with “Love Options” on October 16. They even gave an instructional video on how to perform key moves from the choreography for “Love Options” that you can watch here. “Love Options” was also produced by the famous Brave Brothers!

Check out their hilarious masked Halloween version of their “Love Options” dance!

Check out BESTie’s official music video for “Love Options!”