“Running Man” Gary Says He Isn’t Against the Idea of Marrying Song Ji Hyo

Adorable Gary is at it again! This time making humorous comments about the Monday Couple getting hitched!

On the latest episode of “Running Man” that aired on October 27, Gary placed first in a game and won the opportunity to have Song Ji Hyo try to unlock his helmet lock with her key. 

Before Song Ji Hyo tried her key, Haha teased the two saying, “If the key works, why don’t you both just get married already.” Song Ji Hyo answered, “First, let me try it” to which Haha used it to tease her again saying, “She said she wants try getting married first.” Gary simultaneously came to her defense and embraced the idea saying, “Well, for me, I don’t think that would be such a bad idea.”

When it turned out that Song Ji Hyo’s key did, in fact, unlock Gary’s helmet, Gary said jokingly to Song Ji Hyo, “I’ll be looking up wedding halls. Just finish things up here and see me later” causing everyone to laugh. 

Fans speculated, “This confirms that Song Ji Hyo has definitely broken up with her former boyfriend”, “If they continue this way, do you think they’ll make a surprise announcement about getting married soon?” and “They’re totally going out.”