Smooth Rapper Still PM’s New MV for Introspective Song “Inferiority Complex”

Smooth rapper Still PM has released the music video for his new mellow and introspective single “Inferiority Complex.” The song is Still PM’s second single since becoming an independent artist.

“Inferiority Complex” contains introspective rhymes describing the doubts Still PM has about accomplishing his dreams as he grows older. His path to success is filled with obstacles, but Still PM lets us know that he will persevere and achieve his goals. The song will comfort those going through hard times and will motivate us to keep going strong despite our hardships and obstacles.

“Inferiority Complex” was produced by Jin Dae Ho and features the powerful vocalist Park Uiseong from Voice Korea 2. The smooth and mellow beat matches the serious tone of the lyrics.

The music video was shot in black and white and shows Still PM rapping in the alleys of Seoul. Still PM debuted in 2009 with the album Love & Verse 1/4.