Yoo Se Yoon's Funny But Sad MV for

Yoo Se Yoon, a comedian and a member of duo UV, has just released the music video for his new single “Kka Ttok.”

The single came out on October 18 and features singer Lim Bo Ram. The medium-tempo track is backed by the sounds of the piano and a lyrical sensibility to match the atmosphere of fall. Lim Bo Ram’s featuring shows off her powerful vocals, and also adds a plaintive sound to the song. 

Beginning with the familiar KakaoTalk loading screen, it splices scenes of Yoo Se Yoon and his girlfriend with Lim Bo Ram sporting pink hair and a moustache with her mobile phone in a field.

The music video depicts his girlfriend’s growing addiction to KakaoTalk, and his growing resentment to it. They’d once exchanged sweet messages over KakaoTalk, but now they constantly fight over it. She grows increasingly addicted to her phone, constantly texting without regard to the situation. He grows extremely frustrated, sexually… as well.. 

He finally has enough and takes it away, and throws her in an isolation cell for rehabilitation. It’s hilarious because she keeps mimicking hand motions you’d make with the phone, clearly unable to get over her addiction. She remains anxious to get her hands on it when he tempts her with it, and he finally smashes it on the ground. She cries in grief.

She continues pretend-typing with her broken phone, displaying the same sort of nonchalance pre-rehabilitation. He gets angry and asks, “Who exactly are you dating? Are you dating your handphone, or are you dating me?” 

With the spread of the smartphone and the rise of messenger applications such as KakaoTalk, people have lost their ability to have proper face to face conversations, and are unable to deal with their emotions adequately. The song alludes to the theme of love, while dealing with this issue, which is something all too real for many of us in the modern world, and the video is likely to resonate with each of us to some extent. 

Yoo Se Yoon’s witty lyrics along with hit maker Double Sidekick, and rookie producing team Tenjo and Tasko (who made K. Will’s “Lay Back,” T-ara’s “Bikini,” and Ulala Session’s “Draw You Out”), may just be the right ingredients for a hit song!

Watch the music video below!

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