Joo Won Sheds Tears as He Bids Farewell to “1N2D”

Actor Joo Won revealed his thoughts on stepping down from KBS’ “1 Night, 2 Days,” on the episode aired on October 27.

Accompanying the members on his final holiday to Jeju, Joo Won said his farewells to the cast. All the members were in tears, unable to look one another in the eyes as Joo Won gave his farewell speech.

Said the actor, “I think the sole reason I was able to do the show for a year and eight months was because of (you) hyungs,” “Just coming and listening to (you) hyungs’ talking was interesting and made me laugh, I was very happy. This was definitely one of the pleasures in my life.”

“What made me able to endure doing movies and dramas and so on, was the fact that once every two weeks, I’d be able to go away on vacation to meet you guys, and we’d play and joke with one another.”

Joo Won added, “It’s not like I won’t see you guys forever, but still, I’m really sad. I always say this, but (you) hyungs are a reassuring source of support.”

Joo Won had previously revealed in an interview with reporters, “The hyungs are funny, and I’m the only one who can’t seem to play my role well,” “Without me, I don’t know if the program will do well or not,” “Would it be more interesting with someone else instead of me?,” and “I worried about things like this endlessly.”

Joo Won ended by thanking the staff as well, and promising to do better via his acting activities.

Joo Won Bids Farewell to 1N2D

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