SS501 Gather for Heo Young Saeng’s Concert before Enlisting in Military

SS501 officially gathered together for the time in three years to support Heo Young Saeng’s concert.

On October 26, Heo Young Saeng held his concert titled “0513 MY STORY,” bringing together thousands of fans. Starting with “LET IT GO,” the singer sang 20 songs, creating performances filled with energy and emotion. On this night, Heo Young Saeng said, “I prepared many fun performances for tonight. Trust today with me and have fun,” energizing the crowd. As the stages were filled with tears and laughter, the songs captured many fans’ hearts as the performances would be one of the last before the singer enlisted in the military.

heo young saeng

One of the memorable events of the night was the appearance of SS501 as a group. After playing a video that alluded to the group’s special appearance, the members of SS501 made surprise appearances throughout Heo Young Saeng’s performances..

The surprise appearances began during Heo Young Saeng’s performance of Kim Hyun Joong’s song, “Thank You,” when Kim Hyun Joong’s special appearance surprise crowd, and transformed the stage in to a duet. Furthermore, the other SS501 members continued to make special appearances during different performances, with member Kim Hyung Jun appearing during “Your Man,” Park Jungmin appearing during “Because My Head Hurts,” and “Green Peas” opening with the appearance of Kim Kyu Jong.

Heo Young Saeng 2

Before Heo Young Saeng’s upcoming army enlistment, SS501 gathered as a group after a long hiatus to support their fellow member’s first solo concert. The members continued to show their love and support as each member shared a message of encouragement to their member. Notably, Kim Kyu Jong, who is currently serving in the military, showed tears he worried for Heo Young Saeng and the tough military experiences soon to be encountered in the military

SS501 officially gathered together for the first time since 2010, conveying their continuing friendship and care for each member.