New Unseen Intimate Stills of Trouble Maker “Now”

Sexy mixed duo Trouble Maker is receiving a lot of attention with their new song “Now.”

On October 28 at midnight, Trouble Maker released their second mini-album, “Chemistry,” along with the music video for their title song, “Now.” The song hit number one on ten charts, as well as dominating real-time keyword searches on internet portals.

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New unreleased teaser pictures also have been added to their official homepage, in addition to the original teaser pictures.

The pictures show HyunA and Hyunseung exchanging gentle looks, while in various intimate positions with one another. In one of the pictures, HyunA and a half-dressed Hyunseung show off their sexy charisma while fooling around on a bed.

More shocking than the pictures is the R-rating the music video has been slapped with. Alcohol, cigarettes and a gun make their appearance, along with HyunA and Hyunseung in various states of undress, and for these reasons, the video has received a “19-and-over” rating.

Penned by Shinsadong Tiger, “Now” received inspiration from the 1930s’ “Bonnie and Clyde,” taking on the concept of a dangerous, fatal love story. The song is also receiving attention for the extreme couple dance choreography, as well as Hyunseung dressed as Joker from the movie “The Dark Knight.”

Trouble Maker is available in offline stores on October 31, and a limited number of copies of a 19-and-over version is planned to be released for sale in the middle of November.

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