JYJ’s Jaejoong Composes for New Group M.Pire

On October 29, rookie boy group M.Pire released a teaser for “On My Mind” on Benjamin Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. The track is a song in their new album, and it was written and composed by Kim Jaejoong of JYJ. Immediately after the release, the teaser received lots of attention from fans in Korea as well as fans abroad.

“On My Mind” is the first song Kim Jaejoong has written for anyone else. Despite his busy schedule of preparing for the release of his own first solo album, Kim Jaejoong showed his support for M.Pire by directing the recording of the song.

Moreover, the track is expected to increase the anticipation of fans as the mellow voices of leader Tae Hee and lead vocal Lumin create harmony with the calm yet sad rapping of U Seung. 

M.Pire’s agency stated, “Many fans showed an enthusiastic response to the teaser for ‘On My Mind,’ and it gave great encouragement to M.Pire,” and added, “We ask for your support for M.Pire’s second single album which will be released soon.”

Meanwhile, M.Pire will release the tracks on their second single album through various music sites on October 30, and the offline version of the album will be available on October 31.