BEAST’s Yong Junhyung Embroiled in Lawsuit with KBS and Former Agency’s CEO

On October 28, one media outlet reported, “The CEO of Yong Jun Hyung’s previous agency filed a lawsuit against KBS requesting a report correction on what Yong Jun Hyung mentioned while on the KBS show ‘Win Win‘ last year.” 

On variety talk show “Win Win,” Yong Jun Hyung spoke about his conflict with his previous CEO, mentioning a ‘slave contract,’ which has a length of 10 years, and threats from his CEO with broken bottles. Apparently, when he showed signs of wanting to leave, his CEO called him out to a bar and threatened him, brandishing broken bottles. These same examples were brought up again four days later on the show “Entertainment Weekly.” 

Following the lawsuit, Yong Jun Hyung appeared in court, called as a witness, and testified that what he said during the broadcast was all true. Despite this, the court ruled, “Even though it is hard to prove that Yong Jun Hyung’s words were false, it is also difficult to prove that they are true; therefore, his previous agency’s CEO’s claims should also be broadcast,” and ordered that KBS broadcast the refuting report “It has become known that it is not true Yong Jun Hyung’s previous agency’s CEO threatened him with a bottle.”

In response, KBS has filed an appeal against the ruling, citing that in the first round of trials, Yong Jun Hyung’s words were not proven to be false, which led to the court to only order a refuting report, not a correction report. KBS has decided, however, that they are not the subject of such refuting reports, and has filed an appeal.

Additionally, it became known today that the CEO “Mr.Kim” has filed charges against Yong Jun Hyung for perjury. 

Stay tuned to Soompi for updates on this ongoing controversy.

 Yong Jun Hyung

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