Get to Know Fiestar With Their Fun One-On-One Interview!

With their new album coming up, the six-member girl group Fiestar recently released an interview on October 27. 

The interview was a keyword interview, where members wrote key words next to the pictures of their teammates, and those words became the questions for the interview. A fairly new group that just debuted in August of last year, this was a fun way to get to know Fiestar, with question topics supplied by the team members themselves. 

The team’s cheerful energy and friendship really shone through in this easygoing, one-on-one, laughter-filled interview, with snippets of vocal mimicry, rapping, and singing, and it really just makes you want to jump in and be a part of their team! 

Group leader Jei talked a little about their new album, saying that while they had previously done more powerful dance performances, their new album will show more of a feminine side. Look forward to this new side of Fiestar coming soon on November 1!

Check out the interview below!

Fiestar’s debut single, “Vista