Tiffany Brightens the Set with a Cute Dance

Tiffany recently began recording for SBS’ new survival program, “Fashion King Korea.” During the recording, Tiffany performed a cute little dance acting as the energizer for everyone on set. 

Tiffany showed off her sense as a fashionista in a burgundy dress. The recording of the show that began in the afternoon continued into early morning. Tiffany instilled energy into the staff and co-stars on set with a small dance number.

A staff commented on Tiffany’s dance and said, “It was not a special dance with a choreography, but it was a very cute dance that cheered up the guest stars and the staff.”

“Fashion King Korea” will air for the first time on October 17. Star fashionistas and designers will be paired into teams to create their own looks and compete to be the last ones standing. Many stars will appear on the show including Girls’ Generation’s Tiffiany, Sistar’s Bora, musician Yoon Gun, actor Lee Ji Hoon, entertainers Kim Na Young, and Boom