Heechul and Sunny: “SM Family Siblings”

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny were captured in a friendly selca.

On October 27, Kim Heechul posted the photo on his Instagram with the description, “SMTOWN in Tokyo Dome. Sunny Sunny Sunny, I love you, I need you~ With Soongyu. Soongyu is so cute. My face is so pale…”

In the photo Heechul and Sunny put their heads together in a friendly pose. Sunny is making a cute expression on her face as she makes a “V” with her eyes closed. On the other hand, Heechul has a gloomy expression on his face with his gaze looking down.

 The two fellow label mates give off a vibe as if they are real siblings with similar hair color and wardrobe.

After viewing the photo, netizens commented on how cute Heechul and Sunny look together in the photo. 

Sunny and Heechul