Kim Jo Han Releases “The Stars, The Moon, All for U” Teaser feat. Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun Ah

R&B veteran Kim Jo Han from popular 90’s trio Solid is making his comeback!

On October 29, a music video teaser for his upcoming title track “The Stars, The Moon, All for U” was released. The digital single features Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun Ah, who also participated in the music video.

The teaser shows Kim Jo Han and Jo Hyun Ah with a session band (drums, bass, guitar) inside the recording booth and another scene with the two discussing the music inside the recording studio.

This will be his first digital single album, which consists of two songs. Regarding the few number of songs for his comeback, Kim Jo Han said, “Good restaurants don’t really have a lot of items in the menu. The restaurant can have just one item like kimchi stew and attract a lot of customers. I wanted to show that impressive and good music can be made without a lot of tracks.”

Meanwhile, “The Stars, The Moon, All for U” will be dropped on November 1.