[Announcement] Cast Your Votes in Round 2 of the 2013 Soompi Ulzzang Contest!

The power is in your hands! It’s now Round 2 for the 2013 Soompi Ulzzang Contest!

For Round 1, you painstakingly went through over 800 photos, and based solely on your votes, we have narrowed it down to 200 girls and 80 boys. For Round 2, your vote will determine which 50 girls and 30 boys will make it to the next round. The competition will be fierce, so you will only get to vote once per round from now on. So use your votes wisely! 

As a reminder, winners and runners-up (four in total, two male and two female) will get a video interview with Nega Network, the official sponsor for this year’s contest. Nega Network is home to talented artists such as Brown Eyed Girls, LC9, and Lunafly. Many of you might remember that our last Ulzzang winner was none other than E.Den, who is now one of the main rappers of LC9. Like E.Den, one of these ulzzang contestants may very well be a future K-Pop idol. In addition, the winners will also receive a collection of autographed CDs from the Nega Network artists!

Are you ready to vote? Cast your vote here and check out the 2013 Soompi Ulzzang forum thread, where contestants and voters alike can discuss this year’s contest (there’s also a very useful FAQ). 

Good luck to the contestants and “May the odds be ever in your favor!” 

Vote now!