Fiestar Releases Concept Photos for Upcoming Comeback

Rookie girl group Fiestar released their album concept photo for their upcoming comeback, “I Don’t Know.”

The group had recently done a video interview with Loen TV‘s “I AM” interview series. In the interview, a preview of their upcoming concept image had been shown, and now the official concept image had been released.The concept image shows all the members of Fiestar wearing similar cropped beige sweaters with plaid skirts. All the members show their own different style of holding their finder to their lips. This concept image promises a subtly sexy concept for their comeback.

Fiestar debuted in August of last year under Loen Entertainment. When Loen Entertainment split into multiple agency, Fiestar moved to Collabodadi, under producer Shinadong Tiger. The famed “Trouble Maker” producer also produced Fiestar’s upcoming “I Don’t Know.”

“I Don’t Know” will be released on November 1.