Prosecution Demands Substantial Prison Sentence For Park Si Yeon

On October 28, the prosecution and defence teams for Actresses Park Si Yeon, Lee Seung Yeon and Jang Mi In Ae presented their final closing arguments for charges regarding the abusive use of the general anaesthesia drug, propofol. During their final arguments, the prosecution demanded substantial prison sentences for the three celebrities involved in this case, ranging from 8 to 10 month imprisonments.


During the final trial held at the Seoul Central District Courts held on October 28, the prosecution demanded that actress Park Si Yeon and Lee Seung Yeon be served with a 8 month imprisonment sentence while they demanded that actress Jang Mi In Ae be served with a slighter longer term of 10 months. The prosecution stated in their reasoning that “The nature of their crime should not be taken lightly due to the frequency and length of time the defendants used these drugs.” The prosecution also states that “Despite this (the severity of the crime), they acted against the law by repeatedly gave false testimonies, deleted records of propofol use, fabricated records, destroyed evidence and such.”


Regarding the difference in imprisonment terms demanded for each of the defendants, the prosecution stated that they demanded the longer sentence for Jang Mi In Ae because “Jang Mi In Ae did not show absolutely any signs of remorse despite making completely unconvincing arguments where she stated that she didn’t even know what Propofol was.”


In regards to Lee Seung Yeon and Park Si Yeon, the prosecution argues that the two actresses, “During the investigations they acknowledged a portion of their crimes and showed signs of remorse however they then acted against the law during the trial process by submitting evidence that showed signs of tampering while denying their crimes.”

The defence team for Park Si Yeon during their final arguments denied records that showed that the actress had worked with her doctors to have frequent injections of Propofol, stating that if this she had colluded with her doctors to get frequent injections of the drug then she had no reason to go through the standard treatment procedures and uphold the two week gap period between injections.

Regarding records that showed that the actress got two injections in a day, the defence stated that “Because she is a celebrity, when they are busy then they don’t have any time during the day so when they manage to get some time then they need to have their medical treatment and their beauty treatments. Because of this she ended up going to two different hospitals. This is natural behaviour for a celebrity.”


In her final statement, Actress Park Si Yeon defended herself by explaining that “I had a large operation after getting injured in an accident after 2007. I didn’t realise that going to hospital and receiving treatment would result in such a huge problem. I have not once harmed anyone else or do something shameful in all my life. I’ve lived honestly and sincerely up till now and I will be thankful if I was given the chance to continue living as such.”

Park Si Yeon, Lee Seung Yeon and Jang Mi In Ae are currently on trial for the usage abuse of the general anaesthesia maintenance drug, propofol. Usually used to induce and keep patients under general anaesthesia, the drug is also said to be used for recreational purposes due to short term effects like mild euphoria. The prosecution has claimed that Park Si Yeon had received 126 injections of the drug while Lee Seung Yeon and Jang Mi In Ae is set to have gotten 111 and 95 injections respectively. Their verdict hearing will be held on November 25 at 2pm KEST.

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