Han Ga In Is a Modern Dancer for Fashion Magazine “Bazzar”

Actress Han Ga In recently showed off her modern dance skills, something she has been practicing for the past 2 years, for the fashion magazine Bazaar. Members of staff on the scene of the shooting were surprised to witness the actress’ flexibility.

The nude-toned top and black tights accentuated her slim body figure, and her difficult posture of standing literally on her toes made her look like a true professional dancer.

In another picture, the actress looks like a true beauty-goddess wearing a black see-through top with a black fedora hat.

In an interview conducted during the shooting, Han Ga In said, “I’m not a huge fan of sports, but I am aware that it can have a great impact on your heart as well as on your body. By working out, I was able to relieve any stress and to calm my mind, and also to discover a new-found energy within me.”

More pictures of the pictorial can be seen on the December issue of Bazaar.

Han Ga In for Bazaar

Han Ga In for Bazaar 2

Han Ga In for Bazaar3