Thriller ‘Blood And Ties’ to Open in North American Theaters

North American Soompiers, Son Ye Jin‘s newest thriller blockbuster, “Blood And Ties,” might be coming to a theater near you!

New graduate Da Eun (Son Ye Jin) is happily pursuing her life-long dream of becoming a reporter. She lives with her loving father Son Man (Kim Kap Soo), who has sacrificed everything in order to keep her happy. A simple trip to the movie theater, however, turned her world upside-down, as she begins to suspect her own father to be the mastermind behind a horrific murder that took place years ago. In a struggle to discover the truth, both characters embark on a quest to preserve their once-affectionate relationship.

“Blood and Ties,” the directorial debut of Kook Dong Seok, is inspired by the back-stories behind real murder cases, including the infamous “Hwaseong Murders,” and will explore the hidden lives of the people who live among us.

On November 8th, “Blood and Ties” will be released to limited theaters across North America. Visit their official website here for a complete list of theaters, and be sure to check out the trailer below!