Seo In Guk Picks Yoon Se In as His Prettiest Co-Star

Seo In Guk‘s recent confession about Yoon Se In being the prettiest co-star he’s worked with is becoming a hot topic.

On October 28, Seo In Guk was a guest for tvN’s “Taxi” talk show along with Park Chul Min, his “No Breathing” co-star. This was Seo In Guk’s third time on “Taxi” so the staff commented on his easygoing and relaxed nature on the show.

During the show, Seo In Guk covered many topics, such as his competitive spirit with Lee Jong Suk and his ideal type.

When the MCs asked, “Out of all the female actresses you’ve worked with, who was the prettiest?” Seo In Guk choose Yoon Se In, his co-star from MBC’s “Rascal Sons.”

About Yoon Se In, Seo In Guk said, “She is a very pretty woman,” and “She looks intellectual but she’s actually a heodang. She has a lot of aegyo as well and she has both cuteness and sexiness in her.” The term “heodang” is used in an endearing way for a person who falls short in whatever they do or say.

He also talked about his kiss scene with Yoon Se In for “Rascal Sons.” He said, “In the scene, I was laying down on the sofa and Yoon Se In reaches down to cover me with a blanket. Then I grab her and kiss her. But when I tried to get up to grab her, my legs would keep going up so eventually, she had to hold down my feet for me to get up.”

seo in gook yoon se in kiss sofa

After this episode of “Taxi” was aired, Yoon Se In’s name reached the top spot of the real-time keyword searches on major portal sites.

Because of this sudden interest, Jellyfish Entertainment even spoke with Star News on October 29 and commented, “They are just comfortable colleagues. All Seo In Guk said during broadcast was that Yoon Se In is pretty but this unexpectedly became a hot topic,” and “While they were filming ‘Rascal Sons,’ they had each other’s phone number but now her phone number has changed. Seo In Guk did not even know her number changed.”

Also, during an interview on October 29, Seo In Guk admitted, “I didn’t know this would become this much of a hot topic,” and “I didn’t even know that articles would be published about me not knowing her phone number.”

He continued, “I realized that I should watch what I say from now on,” and “When I was asked who I thought was the prettiest out of my co-stars, I just answered Yoon Se In with a pure heart but now I am sorry to her.”

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