Online Petition to Exempt EXO from Military Service Becoming a Hot Topic Among Netizens

An online petition to exempt EXO members from military duties have netizens debating whether it is from an over enthused fan or a mischievous anti-fan. 

The petition reads: 

“Everyone, this [Referring to an earlier topic] is not the problem!!!! Please help our EXO oppas be exempt from military service!! Instead of EXO oppas, non-celebrity men would just have to serve a few more years. They just have to think they’re at camp a little longer. Right now we are collecting signatures from EXO fan clubs [multiple hearts]. I am asking for your signature so our EXO oppas can be exempt from military service.” 

The EXO members’ ages range from being born in 1990 to 1994. With four Chinese members in the group, only the eight Korean members will eventually serve in the military. However, since they are in their very early twenties, military service is something they won’t have to even think about for a few more years. 

There were some other EXO fans who seem to agree with the petition. They argued, “There are so many men go to the army, if the EXO members didn’t go it wouldn’t be a problem,” and “Isn’t EXO helping circulate Korean Won and Chinese Yen in the economy a service to the county?” 

However, most EXO fans found the claims to be ridiculous and expressed their concern about the extremity of the petition.  The overzealous and irrational content of the petition has some netizens wondering if the originator is actually an EXO anti-fan hoping to cause some trouble. Regardless, this petition has become a hot topic online with over 1,000 comments. 

What do you think? Is this “celebrity-love” gone over the edge or just a bored netizen wanting to work people up? 



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