Tint Debuts with Bubbly Pop Song “Love at First Sight”

New girl group Tint has made their debut with the ultra cute song “Love at First Sight.” The music video with English and Japanese subtitles was released through Loen Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel.

Tint is a five member girl group with Mei, Sangmi, MirimJamie and Minnie. The members were born in 1994 and 1995, except Minnie who was born in 1996. To match these cute new singers, the group has debuted with a bouncy cute song. 

The song “Love at First Sight” was composed by composed by the hit composer Nam gi-sang, and it has an electronic melody combined with girlish sentiments. The song draws a girl in love. It describes the freshness of the song through the fun upbeat, and makes the listeners atmosphere to go bright as well.