Tablo Cheers for T.O.P at the VIP Preview of “The Alumni”

Epik High’s Tablo cheered for BIGBANG’s T.O.P.

On October 29, Tablo posted a photo of himself with T.O.P with the words, “’The Alumni’ T.O.P really T.O.P.” on his Twitter account.

In the photo, the fellow label mates under YG Entertainment are standing side by side with bright expressions on their faces.

On the same day, Tablo attended the V.I.P. movie premiere for “The Alumni,” directed by Park Hong Soo and starring T.O.P, with his wife Kang Hye Jung at the Coex Megabox in Seoul. 

“The Alumni” tells the story about a young North Korean man who is forced to commit espionage in order to protect his younger sister. The film will be in theaters in Korea on November 6.

Tablo, T.O.P.