Jo Yeo Jeong Denies Alleged Double Contract with Bom Entertainment

Actress Jo Yeo Jeong is getting personally involved in the situation with her current agency DiDim531 and Bom Entertainment, her new agency.

On the morning of October 30, she officially stated her side of the story at the Korea Entertainment Management Association.

DiDim531 and Bom Entertainment have already explained their respective stories to the entertainment association. Officials at the Korea Entertainment Management Association stated, “This dispute with Jo Yeo Jeong started at the beginning of October, when DiDim531 submitted a request for disciplinary action regarding Jo Yeo Jeong’s new contract with Bom Entertainment despite still being under a contract with DiDim531, as well as disregard for her relationship with DiDim531,” and they said that the review of the situation was proceeded based on the testimonies made.

Jo Yeo Jeong’s contract with DiDim531 ends in December. However, she signed on with Bom Entertainment this past August, creating conflict between the two agencies.  Jo Yeo Jeong is claiming that it wasn’t a double contract, and that she had fully discussed it with DiDim531.

In the event that it is ruled as a double contract, some sort of disciplinary action by the Korea Entertainment Management Association is inevitable, and it is also likely that her contract with Bom Entertainment will go down the drain, but the conclusion of the situation still remains to be seen.