K.Will Takes Song Requests from Fans and More at “WONDER LIVE” Event

If you are an avid K.Will fan, you might want to bookmark this special video of K.Will performing some of his popular hits for fans at the special “WONDER LIVE” event that took place on October 24! 

K.Will serenaded fans with the following hit tracks, “You Don’t Know Love,” “Lay Back,” “I’ll Be With You,” “My Heart Beating,” “This Is the Moment,” and “Nothing Left” at FIFTY. The live music event was held in celebration of K.Will’s fourth mini-album release and was captured all on film! 

The small venue allowed for a special up-close and personal experience for fans to interact with K.Will, who also took song requests from fans! For certain songs, he had no choice but to sing without accompaniment but still gave stellar performances.

Check out K.Will’s amazing live performances below, and don’t forget to turn on the English or Japanese subtitles!