‘Snow Piercer’ Premieres on 300 Screens in France

On October 30, Movie “Snow Piercer” opened on 300 screens in France, setting the record for the most widely released Korean movie in France to date.

2006 movie “The Host,” another movie by director Bong Joon Ho, drew ten million viewers in Korea, and was released on 223 screens in France. Compared to previous Korean movies, the overwhelming scale of this release in France has certainly sparked the curiosity of locals.

Furthermore, 300 is no small number, comparable to recent Hollywood-produced international box-office hits “Gravity” (396 screens) and “Riddick” (376 screens). As a result, “Snow Piercer” has been receiving attention for standing shoulder to shoulder with international blockbusters.

“Snow Piercer” held a press screening for the movie at the largest theater in Paris (with 862 seats) on September 3 prior to its official premiere, receiving generally favorable reviews from the media. The Deauville American Film Festival also screened “Snow Piercer” as the closing film for the festival, with the movie receiving a 10-minute standing ovation and an explosive response from locals.

The movie “Snow Piercer” is set in a new glacial epoch, where the last livable space for man is a train that circles the planet endlessly. The plot of the movie revolves around the perpetually oppressed survivors in the tail carriage, who launch an unstoppable revolt against the front. “Snow Piercer” opened in France on October 30 and is expected to be released in Hong Kong this November and Japan in February next year.

Snow Piercer