HyunA: “I Felt Shy Filming Intimate Scenes with Hyunseung”

Trouble Maker’s HyunA and Hyunseung opened up about their feelings regarding the risqué music video of their title track “Now.”

The two idols sat down with reporters on October 30 to discuss Trouble Maker’s comeback with the rated-R music video. Immediately after the video was revealed to the public on Monday, it became the number one searched topic on numerous music sites and news portals.

When asked how she felt about acting with Hyunseung, HyunA blushed and said, “It was embarrassing.” The female idol is known for her bright and youthful personality, which is a true opposite of her charismatic image on stage.

Hyunseung confessed, “It was very awkward. As it has been two years since we promoted as a unit, shooting intimate scenes felt embarrassing and awkward,” but added, “However, we are both from the same company and it is not our first time working as a duo, so we worked in harmony. I am confident we can put on a good performance on stage as well.”

The sexy unit duo made an anticipated comeback through October 30 broadcast of cable channel MBC Music’s “Show Champion,” as they performed their chart-topper “Now” and made fans go wild over their hot chemistry.