Heechul Reveals It Is Common for Male Idols to Have the “HyunA Syndrome”

Heechul of Super Junior has once again caught the public’s attention with his inside information, as he recently revealed that male idols cannot keep their eyes off HyunA.

During the upcoming October 31 broadcast of JTBC’s “War of Words,” the panel members have an open-minded discussion about the R-rated material that has taken over the entertainment industry this year. The latest example of this phenomenon is the steamingly hot duo Trouble Maker with the music video “Now.”

As the panel was sharing their opinions on the video, Heechul announced, “If you go to the rehearsal of a music show, the male idols wait for HyunA’s turn and even hurriedly wake up from sleep to go see her performance. The male idols have a HyunA syndrome.”

He also surprised the people on set by confessing, “Some years ago in a variety show, she wore loose baggy pants, but it was still totally obvious how naturally sexy she is.” 

To this, Kim Gu Ra added, “If HyunA maintains her sexy image for the next 30 years, she will become Korea’s Madonna by the time she reaches her fifties. This is just the beginning!”