“Daddy! Where Are You Going” PD Denies Rumors of Second Season with New Cast

There have been rumors of “Daddy! Where Are You Going?” starting up a second season.

On October 30, a particular news agency reported, “The five father and son pairs will be stepping down from the show and the production team is working on recruiting new celebrities and their children for a second season.”

But the production team commented, “We have not even held a meeting to discuss possible new cast members. We also have not even discussed having a ‘graduation’ system for the current cast.” However, they did state that they are positively reviewing the need for a second season.

Kim Yoo Gon PD commented, “The current cast cannot be on this program forever so it is true that we need new members in the future.”

Meanwhile, “Daddy! Where Are You Going?” first aired in January of this year, featuring Sung Dong Il, Lee Jong Hyuk, Kim Sung Joo, Song Jong Gook, Yoon Min Soo and their adorable children, Sung Joon, Lee Junsu, Kim Min Gook, Song Jia and Yoon Hoo, respectively. The show was widely received for the children’s pure and innocent charms and the warm atmosphere of the show.